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Why can't fruits and vegetables stay in plastic bags for a long time?

Aug. 29, 2019

Why can't fruits and vegetables stay in plastic bags for a long time? Following the Promotional Paper Bag wholesaler would like to share with you.

Vegetables and fruits are two things that people eat almost every day. Most people sometimes find it troublesome to buy a lot of things from time to time and will buy a lot of them at home. At this time need to be preserved, put in plastic bags or reusable bags storage, is a common scientific method of preservation. The idea is to reduce the concentration of oxygen and increase the concentration of carbon dioxide, which puts fruits and vegetables into hibernation and prolongs their storage period.

However, storage time should not be too long. Because vegetables and fruits are organic food with high water content, plastic bags contain water-soluble nutrients and enzymes. During the whole storage period, fruits and vegetables are still engaged in intense breathing activities, and under normal circumstances, the breathing intensity is doubled for every 10 degrees Celsius rise. Under aerobic conditions, sugars and other organic substances in fruits and vegetables are oxidized and decomposed, producing carbon dioxide and water, and releasing a large amount of ripeness. In anoxic condition, carbohydrate cannot oxidize, can decompose only produce alcohol, carbon dioxide, give off certain quantity of heat.

The key point to mention here is that the carbon dioxide concentration cannot rise without limit, the carbon dioxide concentration in the plastic bag or the environmental protection bag cannot rise more than 10%, the oxygen concentration cannot fall more than 5%, otherwise the fruit is thin in order to obtain enough energy for life activities, it must decompose more nutrients.

Why can't fruits and vegetables stay in plastic bags for a long time?cid=3

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At the same time, due to the lack of oxygen in the breath of alcohol in fruit, fruit will cause decay, so the storage time of fruits and vegetables in plastic bags or environmentally friendly bags should not be too long. The best way to do this is to open the opening of the bag every two or three days to release carbon dioxide and heat, and then tie the end of the bag to keep the fruits and vegetables longer.

What factors will affect the price of customized reusable bags?

(1) size: the larger the size of the eco-bag, the higher the price, and in the design of the size of the eco-bag, as far as possible to take into account the width of the fabric, if the size of the product and the width of the fabric is not consistent, may cause great waste, so it will lead to higher prices. (the whole roll of non-woven fabric banner is 162cm)

(2) printing: screen printing/thermal transfer printing, we generally use screen printing, so the color and printing area will affect the final production cost; The more colors, the bigger the area, the more complex the pattern, the higher the price.

(3) quantity: the more the number of custom prices relatively cheaper.

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