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Can Disposable Gloves Help Prevent Infection with a Novel Coronavirus?

May. 06, 2020

During the epidemic, wearing masks and hand hygiene are two of the most popular. Masks, hand sanitizers, hand sanitizers are in short supply, in addition to disposable gloves have also entered the homes of the people.

Whether on the street or in a hospital, it is not uncommon to see someone wearing disposable gloves for protection. But do disposable gloves really reduce the risk of infection with a novel coronavirus?

The novel coronavirus is mainly transmitted by droplets and by contact.

Droplet transmission: direct inhalation of droplets containing the virus to cause infection, known as droplet transmission.Prevention with kn95 standard prevention mask.

Contact transmission: shaking hands or touching a surface contaminated with the virus, and then hand contact with the eyes, nose, mouth to cause infection, known as contact transmission. Prevent hand washing by washing hands with soap (liquid soap) and running water, or with hand sanitizer.

Disposable Nitrile Medical Gloves

Disposable Nitrile Medical Gloves

Can gloves prevent infection?

Disposable gloves play an important role in preventing cross-infection in the clinic, so for the public, can they play a role in preventing infection? Wearing gloves protects you from germs and viruses, and saves you the hassle of washing your hands or disinfecting them frequently. However, although the hands were clean, there was not much dirt on the outside of the gloves. No water hand wash gel supplier reminds you:

Do not wear gloves that touch the face

Disposable gloves give us a false sense of "safety." we often see people still wearing disposable gloves, and then they clean their hair, hold their glasses, blow their noses, adjust their masks, and so on. There is no point in protecting the hand.

Do not reuse disposable gloves

Others use disposable gloves over and over again, such as when the phone rings while wearing gloves, take off the gloves to answer the phone, and then put on the gloves again, so their hands get dirty easily.

When taking off gloves, pay attention to the method

Take off gloves also a little bit delicate, be careful not to let the outside of the gloves touch the skin. For example, when taking off the left-hand glove, you should grasp the left-hand glove with your right hand on the outside of the wrist without touching the skin. Take the glove off and hold it in your right hand while the glove is still on. Then put the fingers of your left hand into the inside of the glove along your right wrist. Remember, disposable gloves should not be reused, and wash your hands after taking them off. This is a more reliable way to ensure our hand hygiene.

The novel coronavirus is highly infectious, and contact transmission is an important means of transmission. We need to pay attention to wearing masks and hand hygiene when we go out.

Currently, the CDC does not recommend the use of disposable gloves to prevent transmission. Frequent hand washing or use of hand sanitizer can meet the needs of protection. If you're worried about using disposable gloves, be careful: don't touch your face with dirty gloves, and be sure to wash your hands after removing them.