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Precautions for Use of Kn95 Masks

May. 09, 2020

Precautions for use of KN95 masks:

1. Wear them correctly:

With or without a breathing valve, the kn95 disposable mask comes with a metal molding strip. After putting on the mask, squeeze the shape so that the upper part fits tightly to the contour of the face. Take a few breaths and feel if there is a leak at the edge of the mask. If there is a leak, adjust the position or further squeeze the shape until there is a slight suction resistance and no leakage is advisable.

2. Children's heads and faces are small, so they need to buy special children's money

Or to fit tight and not leak air. The other is to teach children the right way to use it.

3. Masks are disposable products with an upper limit of service life。

The KN95 standard prevention mask relies on tiny pores between fibers in the filter layer to filter. If repeated filtration causes particles in the air to block these pores, the filtration will also become less effective and respiratory resistance will increase significantly. This is also the time for replacement. Besides masks, what else can be done to prevent COVID-19? Disposable non-woven mask supplier to share with you:

The three classic steps in the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases are to isolate the patients, cut off the transmission routes, and protect the susceptible. The latter two are ones that each of us can participate in.

Kn95 Standard Prevention Mask

Kn95 Standard Prevention Mask

First, the transmission route: currently, according to authoritative information, the transmission route of COVID-19 is still the standard droplet transmission, that is, patients and carriers spread the virus into the air by breathing, coughing, and sneezing. Wearing a mask can filter out particles containing viruses from the air. A few more points besides:

1. Hand sanitizing.

Contact can also cause transmission. For example, if a patient covers his or her mouth and nose and coughs, his or her hands are infected with a large amount of the virus, which can be spread by holding handrails or hands in a public place. Friends who go out regularly can bring hand sanitizer with them. It's actually an alcohol-based gel. Cooperate with the correct method of hand washing, after entering the public place in a timely manner to do hand disinfection.

2. Environmental disinfection.

Another way to cut off transmission is to sterilize the environment. The simplest and most effective method is to spray disinfectant. At present, human coronavirus is known to be sensitive to organic solvents and disinfectants, and 75% alcohol, ether, chloroform, formaldehyde, peroxyacetic acid-containing argon disinfectant, and ultraviolet radiation can inactivate the virus. At home, 0.5% peracetic acid disinfectant spray is more convenient. At the same time to ensure the flow of air in crowded areas, the timely window ventilation is also very important. The best thing to do is to stay warm enough to go outside and exercise in a less crowded environment.

3. Improve your resistance.

Protecting vulnerable people, wearing masks, and avoiding crowded areas are all ways to protect vulnerable people. Additional also can give a few old bodies deficient the patient with weak resistance to taking Chinese patent medicine, for example jade screen powder, can - the occurrence that can prevent respiratory tract infection on certain degree.

4, other

For example, ensure an adequate amount of drinking water, ensure the moisture and health of the respiratory mucosa, so that the respiratory tract can secrete enough IgA secreted antibodies, resist the invasion of various pathogenic microorganisms. Eat slowly swallow, do not laugh, avoid obligation cough caused by respiratory system resistance. Additional had better stop smoking namely, avoid the stimulation of irritant sex gas to respiratory tract stimulation.

5. Seek medical advice when suspicious symptoms are found