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Requirements on the production of reusable bags

Aug. 20, 2019

Requirements on the production of reusable bags shared by Promotional Paper Bag wholesaler.

What does reusable bag refer to? It refers to the bags that can be made of materials that can be degraded naturally and not for a long time. At the same time, they can be used again and again. We can all call them reusable bags. The making of reusable bags has certain requirements. 

1. For general dry goods, it is recommended to use American waste or European waste, according to A or B grade kraft board paper technical indicators to control the production of base paper. The surface layer can hang noodles, or not hang noodles, depending on whether you want to print complex patterns and advertising. The quantity of paper can be in 135~150 g /m2. The 25*20*15cm paper bag can bear a weight of 8~15 kg.

2. For the need to bear a certain moisture content of the goods, can also use the whole waste paper. Only on the basis of the above standards, add a certain wet strength agent 0.5~1.0%, wet strength to 10~15% of the dry strength.

3. For meat or other wet goods, the same choice of waste paper manufacturing shopping bags. This needs to be added in the pulp or coated on the surface in the process of papermaking. Also can use the surface strength of the bovine leather box board paper on the second spray water-soluble or degradable resin.

Water-Washable Kraft Paper Shopping Bag

Water-Washable Kraft Paper Shopping Bag

4. In recent years, many domestic manufacturers have developed a full paper clip. That is, when making paper, water-soluble yarn is added between two layers of pulp combined with textile principle. This kind of paper can reach the strength of four layers of kraft paper, which can completely replace ordinary cement bag paper. Similarly, single-layer paper can be used on shopping bags.

5. These products are safe and environmentally friendly.

Case study: strong packaging and environmental protection bags

Plastic coated most people go shopping to buy vegetables for convenience, never take a basket, are all kinds of vegetables in plastic bags to carry home. Since the strong packaging advocates energy conservation and emission reduction, the aunt in the factory took the initiative to convert the old fabric in the home into reusable bags and distribute them to the neighbors. Aunt Chen said happily: "this environmental bag is really good, plastic limit since the implementation of the order, supermarkets and other places no longer provide free shopping bags, strong packaging to us in time to send environmental protection shopping bags is really very useful. Under the guidance of the aunt in the factory, the neighbors around the strong packaging can consciously bring homemade or strong packaging environmental protection bags distributed free of charge, with practical action, put an end to white pollution, practice green life.

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