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A tip for non-woven bag printing

Sep. 10, 2019

A tip for non-woven bag printing 

As an advertising carrier, the non-woven bag, whether its text and pattern is printed firmly, clearly, realistically and aesthetically pleasing, is one of the aspects that advertisers pay special attention to. Elastic glue paste is a very good printing material for Custom Woven Tote Bag wholesale printing because of its strong fluidity, large hiding power, strong adhesion to printing patterns, and the effect of sculpting. It is used to print delicate, high - precision patterns, particularly good performance.

Because all colors of non-woven cloth (except white non-woven cloth, of course) can use white ink, so white ink is a Non-Woven Two Tone Shopping Tote Bag printing amount of a kind. However, the patterns printed by white ink are relatively rough and have poor adhesion, giving people the feeling of floating and lacking of solemn aesthetic feeling. Together with the white ink covering the dark non-woven fabric this has some difficulties, and the non-woven fabric surface uneven reason, make the printing pattern color light, even leakage of the background color phenomenon is not uncommon. How to increase the hiding power of white ink is the crux of improving printing effect.

In the long term printing practice, some ways to improve the printing effect of white ink have been found out. It not only avoids the problem of high cost of elastic glue, but also improves the properties of ordinary ink, which is a good way and skill to kill two birds with one stone.

Common Non-Woven 4 Bottle Wine Tote Bag printing process:

Present market circulation non-woven bag printing is basically printed with the following printing process.

Custom Woven Tote Bag wholesale

Non Woven Tote Bag

[screen printing] after the design draft is finalized, three printing processes are required: film production, plate making and drying. Many factors such as screen printing area, color quantity, printing surface number, color complex, printing paste quality, sunny or rainy weather will have an impact on the cost and price. Process advantage: process application is the most common, the cost is relatively low, the starting quantity limit is small; Generally 1000 can be. Application: printing content without gradient or color printing; Color can not be too complex.

[machine printing] this printing ink or glue thickness is relatively thin, the cost is slightly lower than screen printing, many printing content is inconvenient to use this process. Technological advantage: printing cost, fast production speed. Scope of application: printing content without gradient or non-color printing, printing dark color on light cloth is better.

[hot stamping printing] this printing can print any pattern, there are plate making fee and printing startup fee, the printing cost is proportional to the size of the printing area. Process advantage: any pattern can be printed, small gradient or color patterns are most suitable for this process. Application: any pattern can be printed, the minimum quantity is relatively high, generally more than 5000.

[laminating printing] can print any pattern, even the most complex printing can be achieved. Printing and plate-making costs are high, plate-making costs and plate-making area, color quantity; Printing costs are only proportional to the size of the printing area, the number of large and large printing area suitable for laminating process. Technological advantage: any pattern can be printed with a minimum quantity of 5,000-10,000 pieces. Scope of application: no restrictions.