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What kind of cosmetic bag is good?

Sep. 26, 2019

Women can't do without makeup, make-up leave the cosmetic bag, so for some ladies who love beauty, the cosmetic bag is extremely important life partner. Since it's so important, take a moment to pick a cosmetic bag that suits you. In addition, when you go out, think about how to match it and make it a unique landscape for you, not a failure. The cosmetic bag is like a woman's "treasure chest", carrying beauty and dreams. As a woman's beloved, everyone's Cosmetic bags are also unique, brand-intensive, fully armed, or boutique-focused. However, regardless of the type, the following principles must be followed: the cosmetic bag must be of the right size and easy to carry, and the production must be very beautiful. Because the cosmetic bag is a woman's beloved, a good cosmetic bag can make a woman's heart pleasure.

The items in the cosmetic bag are constantly changing, but I find that I like to use it all the time. Whether it is a big name or a cheap price, it is for a delicate makeup. It is the last word to use it lightly. So how do you buy a cosmetic bag?

1. Delicate and compact appearance

Since it is a carry-on bag, the size is appropriate. It is generally recommended that the size within 18cm×18cm is the most appropriate. The side should have some width to be put into all the items, and can be put into the large bag without any display. bulky.

2. Lightweight material

The weight of the material is also a factor that must be considered. The lighter the material, the less the burden on the bag. The cosmetic bag made of fabric and plastic cloth is the lightest and most convenient. In addition, the outer skin is best to choose wear-resistant and durable materials, do not have too many embellishments, can be used for a long time.

3. Multi-layer design

Because the items placed in the cosmetic bag are very fine, there are many small things to be placed, so there is a layered design style, it will be easier to sort things out. At present, the more and more intimate cosmetic bag design, even the special area such as lipstick, puff, pen-like tools, etc., so many separate storage, not only can clearly understand the location of things, but also protect them from colliding with each other.

4. Pick the style that suits you

At this time, you should first check the types of things that you usually carry. If there are many pen-like items and flat-shaped make-up disks in the items, then the wide and multi-layered styles are quite suitable; if they are bottled bottles The tank is the main one, and the shape should be chosen to have a wide cosmetic bag on the side, so that the bottle can stand upright and the liquid inside is not easy to leak out.

Here is a very versatile and stylish cosmetic bag, velvet small cosmetic bag, which is made of velvet. Velvet is a very high-grade material, usually made of silk. Velvet was once a symbol of the nobility. In the West in the 1920s, economic prosperity brought luxury to the clothing. In that era, velvet fabric is a commonly used fabric at the dance, and it is also a suit dress fabric favored by celebrity ladies. It has a silky feel and a warm and gorgeous luster fabric. It has a lazy and smooth drape; it The color is thick and restrained, but it is also gorgeous and full of magical elegance. It always gives people a sense of retro elegance. The material of velvet is quite wide, ranging from clothing to accessories and luggage. It is a timeless, its special material gives a sense of nobleness and is the darling of fashion. In addition, if you want to travel, you can also use this high quality velvet cosmetic bag as a handbag, the incomparably strong high-profile posture gives a strong visual impact effect. In the social field, it will become the most beautiful when it appears. The eye-catching fashion queen!

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 High Quality Velvet Cosmetic Bag

High Quality Velvet Cosmetic Bag