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How do merchants choose promotional gifts?

Oct. 31, 2019

It is very important to the choice of promotional gifts. The promotion of promotional gifts for events is subject to various factors. You may wish to follow the following principles when purchasing promotional gifts.


Whether the promotional gifts of the event have practicality should be judged according to the satisfaction of the consumers,  what is valuable to customers is practical. For example, if a customer wants to buy furniture, then the promotional gift for the event can be given as a quilt, a kit, a mat, a pillow, Promotional Mini Tote Bag and so on. Customers want to buy kitchen supplies, you can send a three-piece kitchen.


For the value of the promotional gifts, it must be just right. If the value of the gift is low, the attraction is not enough, and the promotion effect is not good. A higher sense of value will also increase the cost of promotion, and it will also cause doubts for consumers.


When purchasing promotional gifts, pay attention to seasonal changes, and seasonal things will attract consumers' attention. For example, in the spring and summer season, a mat is sent, and in winter, a winter quilt is sent. If you purchase an off-season event promotion gift, you will let the customer think that these things are superfluous.


General event promotional gifts will be printed with corporate LOGO to achieve a certain advertising purpose, therefore, a qualified event promotional gifts should often appear in the customer's life vision. When purchasing promotional gifts, consider how consumers use them in a normal way. The higher the frequency of use, the better the advertising effect.

The above is an introduction to the event promotion gifts, I hope to help you purchase promotional gifts.

How do merchants choose promotional gifts?cid=3