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The Practicality of Kraft Paper Bags

Oct. 23, 2019

In recent years, with the simplicity of gift packaging, kraft paper has become the new favorite of the packaging industry because of its recyclable and low cost.As a packaging material, kraft paper has high strength and is usually yellow brown. The biggest advantage of kraft paper is its low production cost, and it often does not need to pass the film, so it has a very high cost performance.Compared with bleached paper, the natural brown appearance of primary color kraft paper has a healthy and retro charm.And the natural brown color of kraft paper is that the packaging looks warm, nostalgic, and has a rural style,which is used as the packaging material with a special charm.

For food packaging materials, its primary function is to provide convenience and practicality.At this point, the strength of kraft paper gives it an absolute advantage. Only a strong enough outer package can keep the food from falling off.In the packaging of liquid food, kraft paper can prevent the outflow of liquid food and better serve as a package because it can remain unchanged in a humid environment.Not only that, kraft paper also has a unique effect on the storage of tea. It can wrap tea tightly with thin kraft paper, and prevent tea from becoming damp.