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Do You Have a Cosmetic Bag?

Nov. 13, 2019

We are the main custom cosmetic bag wholesaler in our local city. The fashionable cosmetic bag and lady velvet small cosmetic bag are our company's main hot sale products. Because our products are of good quality and excellent price, they have won unanimous praise from people inside and outside the industry.

Fashionable Cosmetic Bag

Now let me introduce the fashionable cosmetic bag to you. Cosmetic bag is a bag containing cosmetics, such as mascara, lip gloss, powder cake, eyebrow pencil, sunscreen, oil absorption paper, etc. They are generally used to contain cosmetics. More specifically, it is divided into multi-functional professional cosmetic bags, compact cosmetic bags for tourism and small cosmetic bags for household use.The purpose of the makeup bag is to make makeup convenient when going out. I think lip gloss, powder cake and hydrating spray are OK. As for eye shadow brushes and the like, they should be kept in the residence, so the bag is not too heavy and is enough. Cosmetic bags are all kinds of bags used to make up. Usually it is a bag for cosmetics.  

In more detail, it is divided into multi-functional professional cosmetic bags, compact cosmetic bags for tourism and small household cosmetic bags. Professional cosmetic bag with multiple functions, multiple compartments and storage bags. Mainly used by professional makeup artists. 

Tourist cosmetic bag, usually easy to carry.  There are few compartments, but the functions are complete.  Common cosmetics and toiletries can be placed. Small cosmetic bags for household use vary in styles and types. Color and quality are also uneven, and more small cosmetic bags are promotional items for cosmetic companies. As gifts when buying cosmetics.

Lady Belvet Small Cosmetic Bag

As the name implies, lady velvet small cosmetic bag is made with velvet. What are the advantages of this? Velvet fluff is plump, soft, comfortable and elegant. Velvet products require high grade, low linear density, long length and good maturity of fine long staple cotton. Velvet products have special requirements on the twist of terry yarn. When using cotton yarn, it is required that the twist is small and the twist unevenness of cotton yarn is small. At the same time, when weaving velvet fabric, the ground yarns should be arranged alternately in two different twisting directions, while the terry yarns should be arranged alternately in yarns with the same twisting direction, which is helpful to improve the quality and hand feel of velvet suede. Do like this our products can be more easy to get the favor of our customers