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The knowledge of bottles, do you know?

Nov. 21, 2019

Our company is major in water bottle, we are the more professional aluminum sports water bottle wholesaler in China. Because our products are of good quality and excellent price, they have won unanimous praise from people inside and outside the industry. At present, the custom stainless steel insulated travel mug and double wall tumbler is our main products. Now let me introduce them to you.

Our company's aluminum sports water bottle has some characteristics: 

There are two implications: one is firmness, the other is safety. 

The wild environment is harsh and it is hard to avoid bumping. If the kettle is not strong enough, for example, its opening is not tightly closed, it will not only lose valuable drinking water in the wild, but may also wet articles such as clothes and instruments. There are many cases of using water bottles outdoors, sometimes on bicycles and sometimes on rock walls, which requires the portability of water bottles. However, some containers made of soft materials, such as water bags and leather kettles, have more irreplaceable advantages. Their volume and shape can be changed according to needs, which is undoubtedly the good news for your overloaded backpack. The outdoor environment designed for special use scenes varies greatly, and there are many kinds of outdoor sports. Under the condition that only one hand can be released to drink water, the design of a bottle mouth which can be opened and closed by one hand or matched with teeth is particularly important. When there are a large number of people and there is a need for camping picnic, a foldable bucket can effectively meet the needs for water in the camp. Under harsh conditions such as high altitude or polar regions, a thermos kettle that ensures your water does not freeze will give you no worries.

                       The knowledge of bottles

Double Wall Tumbler was first invented by the Japanese in the last century. First, two layers of cup walls were made, and then the air in the cup was evacuated. In this way, the hot water in the stainless steel cup can maintain its original water temperature under the condition of vacuum. Such a cup not only keeps the temperature warm, but also keeps the cup wall at a low temperature, so that when we use it, we will not be subjected to high temperature heat conduction, which is convenient for drinking water. Because the radiation of heat is the same as that of light, the best way to solve the radiation problem is to block it back. The mirror reflects the heat best. There are three factors that make hot water cool: convection, conduction and radiation. A thermos cup is added with a cover to cut off the convection path; Cut off its conduction path by vacuum method; The only thing left was radiation. The glass liner of the thermos cup solved the radiation problem.