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What Will Replace Plastic Bags In The Future?

Dec. 17, 2019

How to reduce or eliminate plastic bags. Are there any good products that can completely replace plastic bags? In the long run, plastic shopping bags won't be around for long, but they still make up a huge share of People's Daily lives, from food markets to supermarkets, from food to clothing. Will it be as short-lived as the beeper? What will replace the plastic bag, once hailed as a great invention?At present, there is no substitute that can achieve the same function of plastic bags.In short, the cost of plastic bags, but also all the functions of plastic bags. At present there should be no product can achieve.

Paper Shopping Bag

Paper Shopping Bag

Paper shopping bag: trees that make Paper are renewable resources, plus Paper falls very quickly in natural conditions.Most of the fossil fuels used to make plastics are not renewable, and the commonly used plastics degrade poorly, resulting in so-called white pollution. The composition of paper is cellulose polysaccharides, commonly used plastic is polyene, polyester such materials.There are many organisms in nature that feed on polysaccharides.

Common cloth bags can be divided into nylon bags, canvas bags, tote burlap bags, cotton bags, flannelette bags, setc. The biggest difference between cloth bag and plastic bag is reusable, cloth bag can be cleaned, reused, convenient and firm, a few cloth bags at home, can be regarded as a very environmental protection measure.

Non-woven tote grocery bag: the best alternative to plastic bags is the non-woven Tote Grocery Bag. And the function of the non-woven bag, in addition to the plastic bag to carry water function, other functions have. Second, production costs may be higher than plastic bags.

Degradable plastic bags: degradable plastic refers to the plastic that is easily degraded in the natural environment by adding a certain amount of additives (such as starch, modified starch or other cellulose, photosensitizer, biological decomposer, etc.) in the production process.

Large pelican: long beak, developed throat pouch, suitable for fishing, but not for storage. It mainly lives in lakes, rivers, coastal areas and swampy areas. Often live in groups, good at flying, good at swimming, can also walk well on the ground.All you have to do is buy something, put it in its mouth, and lead it along.It's really possible to be a pet in the future.

Robot servants like doraemon, after the purchase of things into the all-purpose pocket, the need to take out.It doesn't take up space and it's environmentally friendly.Did you ever think that way in your childhood?But childhood is gone.

In fact, the control of white pollution is not as difficult as we imagine, we just need to start from their own, reduce the use of disposable plastic bags. From their own start, love our earth, our only home.The beautiful earth will return.