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What Do You Need To Know About Non Woven Tote Bags?

Dec. 11, 2019

What is the substitute of non woven tote grocery bag? Environmental protection? Has sparked controversy among experts. Pro: reusable is environmentally friendly.The results of a public awareness survey on reusable bags show that more than 60 percent of citizens believe the bags are biodegradable and are called reusable bags.Think this is a misunderstanding. He believes that there are two criteria for whether shopping bags are environmentally friendly: whether they are biodegradable and reusable, and whether they are recyclable.International environmental concepts now focus more on recycling than on degradability.He says there are currently four types of eco-friendly shopping bags: a traditional bamboo woven basket, a non-woven bag, a woven bag and a pure cloth bag. He stressed that in general, most non-woven bags can be discarded and dispersed, leaving the soil structure unchanged and causing no adverse environmental impact.In addition, he told reporters, many European countries point out the use guidelines for reusable bags, whether the bag USES two or three cycles, and the scope of use so that the public can choose it. The bags are made entirely of 50% 100% recycled material. Different recycled materials are used in different ranges and at different prices.Anti - party: non - woven fabric is not environmental protection.Many people think it is green. I think it's only more environmentally friendly than plastic bags."I just burned it with a lighter, still smoking black smoke, and the smell is pungent," netizen sunrise jiarui was quoted as saying.As for the natural decomposition of 90 days outdoors, I still want to give it a try. Do you really want to find more environmentally friendly materials? A specialist supplier of reusable bags says a non-woven bag covered with patterned gelatin is not a reusable bag but a shopping bag.Non-woven fabrics to replace plastic bags are not yet mature in China. "according to relevant experts, non-woven fabrics are durable and can be used many times. In that sense, it's environmentally friendly. However, non-woven fabrics consume a lot of energy in the production process, and some also contain additives harmful to the environment.Non-woven fabric is difficult to overwhelm the environment in the production process, and it is difficult to compensate for it in the future use. Environmental protection: 1. Can reduce the use of plastic bags;2. It lasts longer than paper bags;3. Recyclable;4. Low price, easy to promote.In general, we can save oil and other non-renewable resources, reduce the emission of harmful gas, recycle reusable bags, reduce the amount of household garbage, improve the utilization rate, protect the urban environment from "white" pollution, and beautify the urban environment.

When many customers are looking for a manufacturer to produce reusable bags, they usually give priority to the unit price of the bags and require them to be as cheap as possible in order to continuously improve their competitiveness in this competitive environment.

Non Woven Tote Bag

Non Woven Tote Bag

Let me talk about the factors that influence the unit price of reusable bags.

1. Specifications of non-woven bags.It depends on what the bag is used for.If the object is small, the bag size is small.If the object is large, the bag size is large.There is no doubt that the unit price of reusable bags is directly proportional to the specification.

2. The number of non-woven bags is relatively small.Since these products have relatively small margins, they rely heavily on volume to support profits.If the quantity is large, it will be cheaper.If the quantity is small, it will be expensive, but the difference between the two will be different.

3. The mass of non woven fabric is measured in grams.The greater the weight (non woven tote grocery bag), the better the quality and the more expensive the price.On the contrary, the weight is small and the price is relatively cheap.

4. Non-woven bag printing process since bags can print advertising information, this will inevitably affect the cost.The more colors printed, the higher the price, the more complicated the printing, the higher the price (color), the larger the printing area, the higher the price.5. Is there embossing, fastening, zipper and rope on other special process interfaces?

5. Is there embossing, fastening, zipper and rope on other special process interfaces?

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