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Introduction to cotton bag

Jul. 28, 2019

Introduction to cotton bag

Cotton bag is a kind of environmental protection cloth bag, it has the advantages of small convenient, durable, not polluting the environment is reusable. So as to reduce the environmental pollution to a greater extent.

Cotton bag: the most popular environmental protection cloth bag in the world, cotton is made from natural cotton, most of the environmental protection cotton bags are rarely dyed.

Custom cotton bags are environmentally friendly on raw materials; Moreover, because the cloth price of cotton bag is higher than the price of non-woven fabric, the enterprise and the unit to choose it is generally more attention to environmental protection, more strength, ink will not save that point of cost; It is biodegradable and does not pollute the environment. Its firmness is also far higher than non-woven fabric, its fine grain printing imaging effect is very good, which is also stronger than non-woven fabric; Its fabric is soft and easy to fold and carry; Because is the cotton cloth cleaning up is not more easily woven. This kind of cloth bag is most suitable for shopping bag, but it is not popular because of its high cost and complicated technology.

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