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Do You Really Need a Mouse Pad?

Feb. 08, 2020

Business notebook wholesaler shares for you: Although the optical mouse works on many surfaces, it is not a panacea. Therefore, the mouse pad can still work if it encounters incompatible surfaces.

★ Mouse pad can protect table and mouse

The mouse pad still has several important functions. First, it protects your desktop. If not maintained, the rubber or feet of the mouse repeatedly moving on the table surface will wear away most of the compacted wood, chipboard, leather, and even polished hardwood. The mouse pad can protect the desktop's finish and prevent it from wearing out in your usual mouse position. It is much cheaper to replace the mouse pad than to replace the desktop.

A high-quality wooden table, tempered glass or metal table that is often waxed will not have these problems, but the desk is not the only surface you need to consider. If you do n’t use a mouse pad, the longer the mouse ’s foot pad and desktop accumulate more dirt and grease. Although the mouse pad cannot completely alleviate this problem, it can make your mouse foot stickers more durable. (By the way, if the mouse's own stickers are worn to the point where plastic objects are dragged, you can usually buy a new one to replace it.)

★ A good mouse pad helps computer games

If you often play games on your desktop, you can also consider using a mouse pad. A good mouse pad can provide players with a more comfortable, accurate and unified operating experience, which is a huge benefit for gamers, especially those who play high-speed mobile games, such as shooting games or MOBAs. Gaming mouse pads are often oversized, allowing large or sweeping movements. Some special models cover the entire desktop, including the keyboard and anything you happen to be using.

Business Notebook Wholesaler

Business Notebook Wholesaler

There is also the speed factor. The gaming mouse pad is designed for fast movement without skipping or dropping refresh cycles on the mouse sensor. There are many varieties here-standard cloth pads of various sizes and thicknesses, hard plastic pads for super fast sliding, and even some heavy and reliable metal pads. Some gaming mice even have specialized software that allows users to set specific profiles for different surfaces.

★ Relieves wrist fatigue

Generally, the surface of the table is hard. If you use the mouse on a hard desktop for a long time, it will cause wrist pain, numbness, and tingling. In severe cases, you may even have a "mouse hand".

Soft mouse pad or mouse pad with wrist rest can improve hand comfort and relieve wrist fatigue.

★ Good quality and low price

When buying a mouse, many businesses give away mouse pads. Even if you buy a mouse pad separately, it is very cheap, and the price is about a few yuan to 10 yuan.

★ Conclusion

So, do you really need a mouse pad? Technically, even without a mouse pad, modern mice work well in most cases.

However, the mouse pad can not only enhance the surface compatibility of the mouse, protect the table and mouse, and alleviate wrist fatigue. A good mouse pad can also provide gamers with a more comfortable, accurate and unified operating experience. The most important thing is the price of the mouse pad. Very cheap.

Just paying a little money for a mouse pad can bring so many benefits, which is a good value. So, if you use the mouse in the same place for a long time, you should use a mouse pad.