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What are the practical small gifts that banks encourage customers to deposit?

May. 11, 2019

Promotional Custom Drawstring Bag supplier shares that with the competition becoming more and more fierce, many Banks also give gifts to their customers to encourage them to deposit money in their Banks. Of course, as a special industry, Banks should not simply imitate other industries when giving gifts, but should have their own characteristics. So what are some practical gifts that Banks can give to encourage customers to make deposits?

In many customers for more and more card trouble today, the multi-card men and women card bag is the first to recommend to you the cost is low and very popular customers like practical small gifts. The outside of this card bag is made of high-grade PVC with different colors. There are 20 card positions with anti-magnetic film inside, and 9 card covers. 5mm card slot is reserved.

And Customized Gift Bag supplier shared that if it is the New Year's day, the Spring Festival and other major holidays, the bank can also give customers a calendar, calendar, couplets, lucky money red envelopes and other practical small gifts. Here we need to remind the bank is not to print their own bank advertising content printed too large or placed in a too prominent position, otherwise it will affect the normal use of customers.

Promotional Custom Drawstring Bag supplier

If it is before the Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn festival and other traditional cultural festivals, Banks can also put the dumplings, moon cakes and other delicious food as practical gifts to customers. Remind the bank needs to pay attention to the gift period is short, if the festival is too long, the bank is still to the customer to give moon cakes and dumplings, will make the customer is not happy to accept.

In order to encourage customers to increase the deposit amount, many Banks in the gift of practical small gifts of different deposits of customers also made some distinction between the small gifts. For example, to deposit in five thousand, ten thousand, thirty thousand, fifty thousand, one hundred thousand or more customers issued different gifts.